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Getting physically fit starts with being mentally prepared

Exercise is Therapy

How many times have you said “right, this year I’m going to commit to living a healthier life and start working out”, only to give up on that a few weeks later? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. Many of us don’t give up because the workout is hard or because the food isn’t nice, it’s more often due to a lack of discipline and motivation.

Common reasons for failure

Lack of discipline

Lack of motivation

Lack of structure

Poor goal setting

Lack of confidence

Negative self-talk

How can psychology help me?

Driving our performance in the gym and our decision making in the kitchen is the underlying mental skills that receive very little attention. These range from self-belief to emotional regulation. The mental strategies that develop these skills vary from developing self-talk to practicing effective goal setting. Let’s take a look at some scenarios and how working with a sport and exercise psychologist can support you.

Doubting your ability to perform

Developing appropriate self-talk

No willingness to exercise

Set S.M.A.R.T goals that have meaning

Feel like everyone is watching you

Restructuring your thoughts

“Don’t have the time”

Prioritise what you value

Lack confidence to go alone

Create structure and a plan to follow

Get in touch to reach your goals